Monday, February 27, 2012

Adorn with love

Despite Valentines Day  being long  gone the power of love has found a way to linger on.  With the help of jewelry line, Adorn, lovers all around can keep their hearts skipping a beat just a little longer.  Creator and jewelry designer  Raqquah Webb presents “Love Happens”,  a series of stories that surround the theme of love.  Each story will highlight a jewelry piece from the Adorn  line and will share tales of romance, passion and  laughter.  To follow and view the series you can head on over to the Adorn  website (   Coverage of the series can also be found on the Adorn Twitter and Facebook pages.  Take a peek inside to see a few of my favorite Adorn pieces.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

By Misha

New York Fashion Week has quickly come and gone, leaving a thick dust of inspiration for fashionistas to apply to their wardrobes for next seasons big shindig.  One of the many joys of the eight day long fashion exhibit was the opportunity to witness the talents of new and burgeoning designers.  Misha was just one of the many  fresh faces to make her fashion dreams come true by debuting  her creations surrounding the events of fashion week.  I stopped by the London designers Crown Jewels presentation to take a peek at her By Misha line.  Along with colors the designer gave party goers lots of sequins,chiffon and satin to look at.  I was joined by blogger, Yanique of My Documented Closet (who happens to be just as funny as she is stylish). 

Left to Right: Misha and Model 

Model donning By Misha creations along with Ron Donovan shoes

Yanique and I

Photos by Alan Lungen 

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Friday, February 17, 2012


 I had just approached the corner when the light turned red indicating that I had to halt for passing traffic.  As I stood waiting patiently for the green signal a taxi slowly eased up aside me as it had been blocked by traffic ahead.  In that second I noticed the very handsome passenger in the back of the taxi checking me out.  Aowwww he’s feeling me (Brooklyn girl voice) I said to myself. However my excitement came to a crashing halt as mister handsome drifted his eyes from my face to my (wait for it) HUH?  Yeah my shoes.  And it wasn't any kind of glance it was a strong glance.  Now I didn’t exactly have on red bottoms but I thought my work appropriate Ellen Tracy oxfords were pretty cute.  So what was homeboy looking at? Before I could gather my thoughts and toss him the evil eye the taxi sped off just as quickly as it arrived.  The light finally turned green and I headed across the street with the city noise being drowned out by my confusion.  What just happened?  Is this a new thing?  Are fellas checking for a stellar shoe game these days?  Ladies & Gents please chime in on this pretty please.  I need answers.    

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

The road to Whitney Eve

It all started with a tweet.  I was in the middle of checking my twitter timeline when I saw that the folks over at were sponsoring a giveaway.  The winner would receive two tickets to the Whitney Eve runway show during New York Fashion Week (NYFW).  To claim your prize all you had to do was tweet a pic of yourself in one of your favorite outfits.  Hunny Bunny when I tell you I was on a mission.  I don't think I've ever twittered so fast. Fast forward a few days later, I check my twitter interactions and yours truly was a winner.  Can somebody say Hallelujarrrrr (Madea voice).  

So thanks to I was gonna be amongst all the other stylish boys and girls at New York Fashion Week.  Come on folks lets hear it for  (Clap, Clap, Clap).  Now on to the show.  I made it to Lincoln Center in enough time to check in, make it into the tent and people watch.  Off course there were a few star spottings.  Tyson Beckford, Angela Simmons, Nigel Barker and Andrea Bailon were all in attendance.  I even spotted People's Relvolution,  Kelly Cutrone running the show in all her coolness (remember her from Bravo's Kell on Earth).  

The lights finally dim and out come the girls.  What I noticed almost instantly was the bright lips donned on  each model. The collection had so much to offer with bright colors, florals, eye catching prints, sequins and even chunky knits.  Reality star turned designer, Whitney Port did an amazing job in offering up variety and showcasing a young, fun and sophisticated look for fall.  I was beyond excited to have an opportunity to attend NYFW for the very first time but even more ecstatic to have my first NYFW experience be a Whitney Eve show .  Ahhh what a twitter story.  Now on to pics.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nolcha Fashion Week

Last Thursday, while most of the fashion world gathered over at the tents, I took a short detour on over to The Alvin Ailey Studios to take in Nolcha Fashion Week.  Nolcha is a day long fashion event that showcases the talent and designs of independent fashion designers. In its six year run, the show takes place simultaneously with the grand Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.  I sat in on two of four Nolcha shows and walked away with a few business cards, some star spottings (Adrienne Bailon and Kwame Jackson)  and a new love affair for Teresa Rosati's creations.  Rosati was one of the few designers featured in this years Nolcha Fashion Week.  She is a polish designer who's expertise lies in creating evening, cocktail and wedding dresses.  Despite my desire to see more practical everyday pieces I was impressed with her show.  Rosati's creations left a lasting impression on the Nolcha crowd as well.  In fact she struck a strong chord with a tangerine colored gown.  The gown, adorned with beading and jewels on its front, hit the runway and was met with instant oo's and ah's.  Go inside to take a closer peek at what Rosati stirred up.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Texture on the Runway

There was a hair party going on last Saturday at City Winery .  I joined in on this shindig to celebrate  the variety of textured tresses with other curly, wavy, coily and kinky head divas at Naturally Curly's Texture on the Runway event.  Texture on the Runway was created to showcase the variety of curly hair and to promote a conversation surrounding the absence of curly girls on the runway.   In attendance for this one of a kind event was Youtube sensation Taren, Actress and Comedian Kim Coles, Blogger Afro Bella and Blogger Christina of Love Brown Sugar.  The ladies were also joined by hair professionals Nick Arrojo of Arrojo Salon, Dickey of Hair Rules and Dr Hair of Curls Unleashed. The event featured a hair show and a synopsis from each brand about their product line and their commitment to curly hair. Go inside to see the hair party.

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Voice

I had been standing on the coat check line when the whispers first started.  The whispers quickly turned to concerned chatter.  By the time the news reached me I instantly brushed it off as the latest social media rumor mill that had gotten out of control. But soon folks were all a buzz that the news was indeed true and was being confirmed by credible news sources. I was stunned.  Musical legend and icon, Whitney Houston was dead. 

 Off course I didn’t know Whitney Houston personally but I knew her voice .  Like most of my peers Whitney’s music leapt into my lap and heart at a very young age.  From the very beginning I was impressed with her undeniable talent and  beauty and considered her to be the voice of my generation.  Her “it” factor had little girls  and boys wanting to be her and the  pop charts falling in love with her.  

I share so many memories with the small lady with the big voice. I remember “The Greatest Love of all” being the selected song of  ceremony at every graduation  I attended.   I remember blasting “ I wanna dance with somebody” in my college dorm room thirteen years after its debut. I remember listening  to “ I will always Love you” over a billion times. And I remember being moved to tears as she performed the “The Star Spangled Banner”.  

 While I can agree that her life was not squeaky clean and was often tainted with scandal, I still rooted for her. Like any true fan I was in her corner because Whitney was more than just a singer.  She was a strong force in this industry that paved a trail for other artists to follow.  Without her I don’t know if music would be the same.  Our favorite songbird has been silenced but she will never be forgotten.  Well always love you Whitney.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm Lovin My: Colored Denim

 Prior to snatching up my cobalt blue jeans from target I had been lusting for a pair of colored denim  for an eternity.  After witnessing this trend make its way on my fellow bloggers pages  and New Yorkers taking the trend to the streets, I thought it couldn't hurt to join in on the colored frenzy.  Luckily for me I had been gifted a Target gift card for Christmas and Target had a pair colored denim that fit me perfect.  Peek inside to see the outfits that I put together so far.  Also see some other colored denim picks.

Monday, February 6, 2012


Ok who's with me when I say "where da hell did January go".  Jeez it seems like it just sped right past us,  much like this past weekend.  Just thought I'd do a little recap of what went on this weekend in my little world.


I'm hearing that lace will be a big trend this year so while poking around in Marshall's on Friday  I decided to try on this bright lace frock and do what a blogger does best, take pics.

Shirt: Loehmans Jeans: Target Shoes: Zara Bracelet: Thrifted Earrings: Finderz Keeperz

Meanwhile on Saturday I killed two birds with one stone. Not only did I decide to color block (yeah I know I'm sooo late) but I finally got to wear my sequins shirt for you guys. Look at me multitasking and things lol. 

And finally on Sunday I celebrated.  I made it fierce beauties.  I am officially one year into my natural journey. It's been quite an experience with major highs and lows but gotta say I'm looking forward to more natural days.

Oh how could I forget go Giants!

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Weekend Finds

As usual I've been thrifting again.  I didn't go quite crazy this time.  I stayed in a good spending limit with only three pieces.  Two pieces came from one of my favorite Goodwill's in Brooklyn and the other hailed from The Antiques Garage in Hell's Kitchen ( A new thrifting locale I spotted out recently).   

Goodwill: Fruit Patterns

Goodwill: Classic Floral

Antiques Garage: Vintage Hand Bag

Share some of your recent thrifting finds with me.  

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cast your vote

Hey peeps. Yep I'm at it again.  Another Blogger competition.  The folks over at Refinery 29 and Bar III are on the hunt for The Next Style Blogger.  I along with other stylish divas got in the mix hopping to win the title.  If you guys would like to vote for me you can head over to the Refinery 29 competition page using the link below:

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2. Find my picture

3. Click the heart next to my picture

Psst..  One more thing .  While your there don't forget to enter yourself.

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