Thursday, July 23, 2015

I wanna wear: Prints

I'm convinced that prints and I are just meant to be together. We have this kind of relationship where it's just meant to be. It's totally a girls best friend. Well maybe not a best friend but certainly an very fond associate lol.   While I believe that everyone woman should have at least one bold print statement piece in her closet I realize that not everyone embraces prints.  I know bold prints can be a bit intimidating at first but it's really a great way to spruce up an outfit.  If you're not a print loving kind of girl here are a few tips to get you started down the print lane.

Pairing a print with a bright color is one way to rock prints. It's adds an extra pop to an already lively outfit.

Mix and Match:
Now if you are bold and love to take risk definitely try mixing and matching prints.  Start out  with a leopard and a stripe pairing and then take it from there.

Don't forget that you can play up prints using your favorite accessories like a turban or those cool shades you love.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

I Wanna Review: Adovia's Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Who doesn’t love vibrant, glowing skin? I know I do.  That’s one of the many reasons that I jumped at the chance to review Adovia’s Dead Sea Salt Scrub. Made with genuine dead sea salt this scrub promises to exfoliate dead skin cells and leave the skin hydrated and soft.  All things I need to keep my summer skin looking all kinds of fabulous.  So after putting this scrub to the test here is what I can tell you.  The scrub is a bit greasy as the mixture contains up to five oils (Sweet Almond, Apricot, Avacado, Grape Seed and Sesame Seed) .  The overload of oils can make the application a bit messy and slippery.  On the brighter side the smell is divine. It’s the kind of scent that stays with you throughout the day but isn't overpowering.  I know, I know. How much is it? Well regularly this product goes for $38 bucks but it is currently available for $14.95 on Cleopatra's Choice or on Amazon. Not too bad.  What scrubs are you guys using?

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