Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fierce Spotlight: KJ Rose

Upon witnessing a KJ Rose performance, I learned two things.  1. She is a hell of an artist and 2. This lady's got style.  Donned in sexy rompers, vibrant tops and statement dresses the "A Better Way" singer has been making big waves in the music industry. Her album "All Heart, No Regrets" has recently caught the attention of BET and Elle Magazine with many others following suit. If you'd like to see the stylish songtress live and  in  living color your in luck.  Rose will be performing September 15th in New York City at the  Royalton Hotel's concert series Forty Four.  If that's to long of a wait click inside to see Rose perform one of my favorite jams, the remake of "Baby I'm scared of you" and few of her wadrobe highlights.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Out on a wedge

If you know me well then you probably know this little tidbit about me.  I heart me a wedge.  My love for this adoring style will more than likely maneuver over to the soon to come fall season.  Wedges are a great go to that provides comfort without sacrificing style.  A perfect combination for the fall.   I perused the web world in hopes of finding a pair or two that I may purchase and here are few of my picks.

Old Navy Sueded Desert  

Steve Madden Tanngoo 

Steve Madden Whisttle 

Bakers Wild

Will you be adding wedges to your fall wardrobe?

Monday, August 22, 2011


Like most of you thrifting fiens,  I often find myself spending an eternity in cramped aisles of thrift shops buried under mountains of clothing hoping to find wardrobe treasures. So much so that I‘ve diagnosed myself as a thrifterholic. That’s right I’m a thrifterholic and this lady right here is not ashamed to admit it.  I am unashamed in my admission partly because I’ve walked away with some of the most amazing pieces on my thrifting binges. They’ve mainly been blazers but they are great staples none the less. 

There is nothing like walking into a thrift store and finding “It”. “It” may be that little black dress you’ve been searching ages for or that trendsetting piece that you absolutely refuse to drop a whole paycheck on. Hmm cuz rent is to damn high. (insert laughter here) Whatever “it” is you can bet you’ll be hooked to the thrifting game and  I can guarantee you, like me, you'll be addicted. Here are few of my recent thifting finds.

                                                     Purchased at Goodwill

                   Purchased at Goodwill                                       Purchased at Goodwill

                  Purchased at Housing Works                 Purchased at Salvation Army

                          Purchased at ReDress                   Purchased at NYC Opera-Thrift Shop

                                                     Purchased at Goodwill

                                               What are some of your favorite thrift finds?

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Autumn's Arrival

Fall on my mind

Here comes Autumn with his falling leaves and longer nights. My my my, I can't wait.  Anxious for his arrival I thought of a casual look that would be perfect to greet him.  Fierce Beauties what’s on your wish list for Autumn’s arrival?

Friday, August 5, 2011

BDIB: Arm Party

 Nothing to see here folks.  Just a bit of Arm Candy with a no fuss outfit.  I decided to participate in the Bloggers do it Better Challenge: Arm Party, given by Pretty Shiny Sparkly.  This will be my first time participating in the Bloggers do it Better Challenge or any blog challenge for that matter.  Peek on over to Pretty Shiny Sparkly when you get a chance to see how other bloggettes interpreted this trend.

Shirt: Thirfted Shades: Forever 21 Skirt: H&M Sneakers: Converse

Bracelets: Beauty Supply Store Watch: Borrowed from Brother

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Adios Mio! Why won’t it grow faster?  Fierce Beauties, I am having a bit of a “moment”.   Lately I have been growing impatient with my snail pace hair growth.  After completing my big chop in February of this year I fully accepted that it would take time for my hair to attain length, or so I thought.  Now six months down the line I am constantly comparing my big chop photos with my current photos and can’t help to think to myself besides the color my hair looks exactly the same (insert confused face).  Are you kidding me? After six months?  To add fuel to the fire I also have the craziest hair shrinkage on the face of this earth.  Yes, six months may not be a long time and I have to be patient, blah blah blah . I want long hair dammit and I want it now.  Woosah (tantrum over).  So with that rant out of the way I thought I'd share some pics of my Hair Dreams.


A girl can dream