Monday, August 6, 2012


I'm sure Instacap is not a word but I just felt the need to conjure something up as I shared my Instagram weekend with you beauties.  It was nothing new for me in my world just the same ol hairstyle experimentation taking place, mixed in with cobalt blues and a little booty action (not what you think). What did you guys get into this weekend?  

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Skin: The Basics

Who hasn’t been down the road of those ugly embarassing face breakouts?  I know I have.  With sensitive skin like mines I try my best to keep my regimen simple in an effort to keep those “what happened to your face” comments from ruining my day.   My concrete go to’s for the past few months have been Trader Joes face wash with tea tree oil, Witch hazel and Trader Joes enrich moisturizer. Sounds pretty plain I know but these products get the job done and it’s cheap.  Definitely not knocking the fancy smancy products in the department stores because this ol girl has ventured  off on the wild side a time or two and experimented with serums and anti aging creams.  But for the most part  these bad boys have been my staples.  What are your skin care staples?

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