Friday, June 17, 2011

A Natural Decision

 February 5, 2011 I dived head first into the natural hair world. After transitioning for six confusing months, I did away with the last of my relaxed ends and completed my big chop. Since my cut I have become….you’ve guessed it a product junky. Chances are if I’ve heard of a “great” hair product you can believe its now presently sitting under my bathroom sink. Don’t Judge. Although this habit is putting quite the dent in my wallet it has also proven itself to be beneficial in other ways. Testing  various hair products has allowed me to figure out what does and doesn't work for my natural tresses. Through my addiction I have been able to discover great staple products. Here are a just a few that have worked for me.

1. Jojoba Oil:
Provides shine and locks in moisture

2. Coconut Oil:
Provides shine and can be also used on skin as a moisturizer

3. Giovanni Direct Leave in Conditioner:
Daily Light Moisture Booster.

4. Shea Moisture Curl & Shine Shampoo:
Cleans hair without stripping natural oils. No sulfates, parabens or mineral oils

5. Eco Styler Gel ( Olive Oil, Argan Oil or Clear):
Amazing curl definer with good hold. Warning: If used to often can be drying.

So my fierce divas, tell me, what are your go to hair products?



  1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

    I love paul mitchell products. I have relaxed hair, but it keeps my hair very soft and manageable.

  2. No problem Inez and thank you for doing the same. I heard great things about Paul Mitchell products. I'll look into seeing what they have for naturals. Don't forget to follow. Stay fierce diva.

  3. I took the big chop dive about the same time as you and I am so regretting it. I have the most difficult hair to deal with but I am resisting relaxing my hair. :-/

  4. I big chopped for the 3rd time this January. Tried a bunch of products but just about two weeks ago I tried Shea Moisture and it's the best product I've used on my hair EVER! That plus Eco Styler are my staples.

  5. i am still in the early learning stages of being a "renatural" and so i feel you on the loot spent on product.

    i am still working to figure it all out...

    i use the shea moisture products, the smoothie and the deep conditioner.

    i have been using the carol's daughter exlir and the khoret amen.

    after reading so many different blogs, i have started wetting my hair more and more before putting in product but my testing goes on...

  6. I’m in the transitioning stage right now wearing braids just preparing myself for the big chop. Thanks so much for sharing your favorite products...great information!


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