Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy's Wish List

Like many folks along the east coast I've been a sitting duck for the last two days all thanks to Sandy.  Like any normal person in this situation I've been stuffing my face every two seconds, catching up on TV sitcoms via Netflix and off course internet shopping/browsing.  See what Sandy is doing to me.  She's turning me into a shopaholic who will more than likely end up gaining an extra five pounds.  Damn you Sandy.  Here are a few things that I've been eyeing.

Sending prayers to those who were  affected by the Hurricane.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

On Trend: Dark Lips

Lipstick: Wet N Wild's Mega Last Lip Color Cherry Bomb (918D)

Dark Lips are having the best year ever, aren't they?  Ok maybe the "best year ever" statement is a bit much  but its certainly become pretty popular these days in the beauty world.  This weekend I was able to dip into the trend while on a quick drugstore run.  It started with me picking up a few things for my apartment  and  somehow ended with me venturing off to the makeup section ( Am I the only one that does that?).  After wondering the aisles for less than a minute I picked up Wet N Wild's  Mega Last Lip Color in "Cherry Bomb"( 918D ) .  Wasting no time I tried it on the second I got home.  Gotta say I love the way it looked and was impressed.  The deep berry toned lippie has a semi-matte finish and goes on pretty smooth. And did I mention that it's only $2.  Yeah Buddy (In my Pauly D voice off course)!   For those of you beauties who'd love to try out the dark lip trend without breaking the bank this lipstick is a great choice. 

                                                       Have you tried the dark lip trend yet?

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Monday, October 1, 2012

The Sole of the matter

My New Flats
Of course I’d be a liar if I told you that I didn't love heels.  Whether it’s stilettos, platforms or my go to wedges, I've fallen hard for sky high footwear.  Like any Sex and the City fan, I have this recurring  dream of myself  hitting  the sidewalks of  New York City in the baddest stilettos daily, as the soundtrack in my head blares Empire State of Mind while my cute twist out is blowing in the wind.  Unfortunately that dream will have to remain a dream for the time being.  Well at least the stilettos part.   Why you ask?  For starters my poor soles simply wouldn't make it past noon if I tried that in reality.  I do entirely too much walking for that to go down. If I’m not walking to the subway, I’m walking to the bus stop if not there then it's to the grocery store.  Point made, Shakiyla's feet are always on the move.   With all that constant feet movement I need footwear that won’t have my footsies screaming in agony from foot pains. You know the kind of foot pain where you’d rather walk barefoot on the germ crawling concrete than to take another step in your stunning heels.  Ay yay yay the memories.   So to rule out all that foot aching jazz all together I opt for flats sometimes.  There is such a wide variety when it comes to flats.  We can choose from different patterns, textures and even different shapes.  With all these exciting options at our reach there’s no worries were sacrificing style for comfort. Take a peek at a few cute flat options below. 

How often do you wear flats?

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