Friday, January 8, 2016

I Wanna Wear A Cape

Thrifting is soooo Bae and let me tell you why. You probably have somewhat of a hint as to why If you've been following me for a while.  If you're new here you should know that I may or may not be a thrifting addict. (Ackward silence) Ok I am. Now that that's clear lets get into why me and thrifting will always be boo thangs lol.  So a few months back I took a quick trip to Toronto. While there I mozied on down to Kensington Market, an area in Toronto known for its specialty stores and diverse food choices.  What it also happens to include are some of thee most amazing thrift and vintage stores.  So you know your girl was in heaven. As I started to pop in and out of each thrift shop I noticed a theme.  Almost every shop had an amazing selection of coats and capes.  Now folks you should know I’ve been wanting to buy  a cape for the longest time but nothing really was saying ‘you should buy me’ until I saw it. Yes it! I walked into Exile, Kensingtons Costume and Vintage Mecca expecting to browse and walk away with nothing much more than a look  here and a comment or two of ‘that’s cute’ there but most importantly empty handed. That all changed as I walked to the back of the store.  In the back on a mannequin sat the cape of my dreams.  There was an instant confirmation that this cape was coming home with me. It was perfect. It was my favorite color, it provided just the drama I wanted in a cape and most importantly it was timeless.  I knew that I could never find a cape with this kind of quality and this price point at any other store.  And that folks is why thrifting will always be my Bae.  When was the last time you went thrifting? Did you find anything as perfect as my cape?