Saturday, October 22, 2011

Shecky's: Girls Night Out

The Shecky's Girls Night Out (GNO)  affair puts new meaning to the term shop till you drop. Thursday night I tip toed on over to the La. Venue and Terminal Stores where the recent Shecky's GNO event was being held.  This was my third go round participating in the shopping shindig sponsored by Shecky's.  Much like the  first two events, I had a blast sipping on cocktails, browsing the fabulous vendors and taking in the busy scenery.   If you've never gone to a Shecky's event, in a nutshell it one big shopping party filled with discounts, giveaways, makeovers and my favorite thing of all, goodie bags.  It's a shopping experience that every diva should make it their business to attend.  GNO allows you the opportunity to discover a variety of talented up and coming designers and boutiques all while enjoying the company of a few friends and a cocktail or two (ok maybe more).  Go inside to see some of the new budding talents and accessories that caught my eye.

My heart definitley skipped a beat or two when I came across the Moetleh clutches.  Made of recycled leather scraps each bag is handmade by artist and owner Winnie Burch.  After drooling over her bags I quickly chit chatted with her and learned customers have the option to customize their own clutch.  How great is that.  Aside from her clutches, Burch is also known for her creations of customized cards and messages.

Clutch by Moetleh

Clutch by Moetleh

Just across the way was designer Serwah Asante of Rue 114.  Asante's Ghanaian background is front and center in her designs with bold prints and textures leading this collection.  Each clutch is designed and handcrafted by Asante, who is also in the works of creating a clothing line as well.  

Rue 114 Clutches

 On my search  to hunt down the mac cheese food vendor that was present at GNO I came across Tasha Carter of Behind the Scene Studio Boutique.  Her edgy accessories halted my search for food for the next ten minutes as I glanced over her statement medallions and head turning hoops.   

Behind the Scene Studio Boutique Accessories

Behind the Scene Studio Boutique Accessories

By this time of the night I had downed my mac and cheese (boy was it good)  and was close to heading out but before I could do that I stopped by to view Adorn. Since going natural I've been on the prowl for unique pieces to accessorize my growing fro.  Designer Raqquyah provides just that with her line of jewelry, Adorn New York.  At first glance of Raqquyah I immediately noticed her "Leather Wrap" earrings dangling from her ears.  During our quick exchange I learned that Raqquyah makes all of her jewelry by hand.  

Designer of Adorn New York, Raqquyah

Adorn Accessories

As the event winded down I took my goodie bag, achy feet and much tipsy self on home.  Happy that I had the opportunity to attend GNO once again and elated to have met some amazing talents.  If you'd like to participate in a Shecky's event in your neck of the woods make sure to visit the Shecky's site here, to view their calendar list of events.  Happy Shopping!

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