Friday, November 25, 2011

Fierce Spotlight: Dezzi Dawn

Todays Fierce Spotlight goes to fellow Brooklynite Dezzi Dawn.  Dezzi is the host and creator of Urban Perspectives, a talk show dedicated to providing a platform for discussion for issues faced by people of color.  Her first show aired on public access station, Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN).  Dezzi is now in the works of taping the second show.  When asked  to describe her style Dezzi answered " I don't know how to describe it."  However she did share that she loves to shop in Macy's.  If you'd like to keep updated on Dezzi and her show please be sure to check out the Urban Perspectives facebook page here.  While your there be sure to click the like button.

Dress: Forever 21 Jacket: Marshalls

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