Monday, December 26, 2011

And the skirt wins

Some of you may remember my post I did earlier this month.  I asked for your help in putting together my Christmas outfit. I was going to choose between my Forever 21 sequin skirt or my Loehmans sequin shirt.   After all of the responses I would then choose the item with the most votes.  Well guys we have a winner.  It's the skirt.  

Jacket: H&M Shirt: Borrowed Skirt & Necklace: Forever 21

My apologies for not having a better pic with shoes included.  I was working with a house full of people with full bellies and taking pics was the last thing on anyones list of things to do.  I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas.

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  1. looks good..
    Love that blazer..omg

  2. I really love the look. I would have loved both pieces together if there was a choice to vote for that.:) The green top is just so festive. Great pieces.

  3. I love sequins! I think you made a great choice with the gold skirt!

  4. Love the skirt...I'm obsessed with sequins.

  5. Love that skirt. Looks fabulous!!

  6. And you indeed rocked it! Love the look!

  7. the skirt looks amazing but i wanna see u in the top too lol xo

  8. Even though we can't see the head to toe look, I can still see you look amazing. Again, always look amazing. I love how you paired the boldness of the gold with the darker shade top/tights.. The jacket looks awesome too. Great post!

  9. I am a sucker for sequins & that skirt is FAB!

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  10. Very Cute! I love love that skirt :)

    Happy New Year,

  11. very cute, I love all the sparkles here.

    I had a lot of fun joining you ladies for my first BDIB challenge ;)

    Happy New Year!

  12. Love your sequin skirt! You look great. Would love to see how you style the sequin top in the future.


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