Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pixie Cut

Lately I've been looking for new ways to spice up my look.  While in Harlem last week the idea of adding a  new wig to spruce up my style was born after passing what seemed like a trillion beauty supply shops.  So after passing shop number five I gave in and went diving for my new wig.  In the midst of my search for the perfect fit I came across a Beverly Johnson human hair pixie cut wig.  Now it wasn't exactly love at first sight but I did see potential.   Before going natural I proudly rocked a rihanna cut for quite a while and loved it to pieces.  So when I eyed this wig I thought it had that same kind of flair.  After playing with it I decided that this wig was a go.  Since then I'v worn it twice and gotta say that I like it.  The upsides is that because it is human hair I can use heat on it and wash it as well.  The fact that I haven't seen any shedding is also a plus.

Celebrity Pixie Cuts

                              Halle Berry                                                     Michelle Williams

                        Emma Watson                                                          Rihanna

Here is my new wig.  What do you guys think?


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  1. cute cute cute it's all about making changes here and there to spice things up a bit



  2. look very nice :)

  3. OooOOO I love it!!! It's nice to spice things up a bit :)


  4. I love it!! I think it looks great! I wish i could pull short hair off.


  5. That wig looks great on you, very natural! I recently chopped all my hair off and I love it! Every week I'm cutting more and more! *__*

  6. It looks great on you!!

    Carsedra of:

  7. suits you well hun you totally pull it off x

  8. LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEe this wig on u!!!!!!

  9. I love it! That necklace is the bomb too.

  10. Girl! I love it... now you know how I feel about a pixie....Short Hair, don't care! You look great!

  11. I'M DESPERATELY CRAVING A CHANGE WITH MY HAIR. I think im going to get some braids similar to Solange (box braids but not so big). It'll give my hair a break while I figure out what I want to do.

  12. I LOVE Michelle Williams' & Emma Watson's pixie cut. They look so edgy yet feminine. I'm glad you tried it, this looks awesome on you!

  13. Two things:
    1. I love that pixie cut!! It looms great and natural. Not at all like a wig!
    2. I nominated you for a versatile blogger award!! I tried to notify you via twitter, but message wouldn't send. Anyway, here's to you!! Woot, Woot! Check out the blog post for details here:


  14. What style love it!

  15. So dramatic but I think it's suits you :)

  16. ohhhhh i like it. it looks super natural too. i really want to get Michelle Williams hair cut.


    Fashion Steele NYC

  17. I like this look on you! good find!

  18. love your blog name...very catchy! the wig is cute! I've been wanting to try a short one too and you pull it off so beautifuly
    I guess im inspired to try this!
    just found your blog! very nice
    happy new month

  19. I got two wigs like that... I also have the same inspirational pictures in my folder... Great minds think alike.

  20. Love the wig! I'm a huge fan of this style of hair execpt it would look HORRIBLE on me and my hair cannot go that short haha

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