Monday, March 19, 2012

Hair Files

Over the weekend I pulled up my sleeves and my got my hands dirty working in this thick fro of mines.  I got all fancy and created a homemade avacado deep conditioner which I learned about through my trusty hair manual, Curly Girl: The Handbook. While my creative juices were following I decided to take a stab at trying a twist out.  (Sidenote:  I've done twistouts in the past and they have always come out looking like the devil.)  To my surprise I managed to pull off a funky (in a good way)  twistout that I actually liked.  Click inside to see how you can create a homemade avocado hair recipe of your own.


Items Used:
Miss Jessies Curly Meringue
Giovanni Direct Leave- In
Hand Hair Dryer
Comb or Denman Brush

1. Start off with wash and conditioned dry hair. 

2. For a base apply Giovanni Direct Leave-In to hair

3. Part and gather a small section of hair and apply a pea size of Miss Jessies Curly Meringue.

4. Smooth product by running a comb or denman through the section of hair

5. Begin twisting the small section hair until the end.

6. Repeat until entire head is complete.

7. Let hair air dry.


Items Used:
1 ripe avocado
3-4 teaspoons of honey
8 - 10 drops of olive oil or jojoba oil

* Recipe from Curly Girl: The Handbook

1. Place avacado, honey and oil in blender.  Blend until mixture is smooth

2.  Apply mixture to wet hair

3. Wrap hair with a plastic cap and let sit for 30 minute

4. Rinse hair until all mixture is completely   removed from hair

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  1. Your hair looks absolutely beautiful! I will definitely be giving this recipe a try :)

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  2. Actually looks good enough to eat! Love the twist out, looks fab!

  3. Your hair looks great! Its great to make your own products at home :)


  4. Love your hairstyle. Mine is at a similar length right now.

  5. this look is gorgeous on you I use olive oil with eggs and mayo also love your smile too!!

  6. miss my curly hair.. looks great on u... i loved ur leather jacket in previous post.

  7. i like so much your personal style.

  8. Love your hair girl! It's so funny to read this right now because I am literally eating chips with avocado dip! lol Kiah

  9. Love how your hair came out! I've used avocado before, but never tried the other ingredients...must try;)

  10. i love a good deep conditioning treatment. i may have to try this...


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