Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hair Files

If you follow me around the internet and thangs, particularly Instagram,  you've probably seen me update you on my hair journey a few times to many.  No I'm not vain but just plain ol excited.  Although I've been natural for a year and some months I am still learning new ways to care and style my hair. I know its just hair but there are times when I am just over it.  So when I come across a hair success, I'm like that five year old that just can't shut up about it.  See, look I did it (five year old voice).    

 Here are some of my favorite styles thus far.  Which one is your favorite?

1. Day 1 of Big Chop
2. Weeks after Big Chop
3. Fade
4. Colored Fade
5. Puff
6. Dry Twist Out using Miss Jessie's Curly Meringue
7. Dry Twist Out using Ampro Pro Styl Olive Oil Gel
8. Pixie Cut Beverly Johnson Wig
9. First Blow Out
10. Foam rod set using Jane Carter Solution Wrap Lotion
11. Twist Down
12. Turban
13. Bang with Twist Down
14. Foam Rod Set with Lotta Body Wrap Lotion
15. Puff on old rod set

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  1. I like number 6. Don't you just love natural hair, the options are endless. Can be curly when you want and straight when you want.

  2. Your hair looks great!! I was talking to my co-workers just yesterday about how much I love my natural hair!!

    Carsedra of:

  3. the foam set and the big chop are my faves! what a look GREAT!!


  4. I love all of them. Especially number 14!!

  5. #6 the twist out...actually I'm diggin' all the twist outs;) Your hair look so it!

  6. Love, love, love! All of this are great! My favorites are 7 and 14, so pretty :)

  7. i love 6, 11, 14 and 4. i love your hair. its gawjus.

    Fashion Steele NYC

  8. im such a jealous jelly fish right now! lol i wish wish wish my fiance would let me chop my hair off and start fresh! your hair looks beautiful.

  9. Gorgeous in every picture. Natural hair is so versatile so well done for rockin what you got! And I have mentally noted the wig in #8 for myself - so cool!


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