Saturday, June 15, 2013

Missing In Action

Hola Boo thangs! How the heck are ya? It's been quite a while since I've dropped in and said hello or even shared a post for that matter.  Don't fret, I am still living and breathing and being some what of  a blogger.  More than lately I have been updating my Facebook and Instagram accounts more regularly in hopes of staying connected with you guys.  If you haven't already make sure were friends and connected on both platforms.  Until next time, and here's to next time being more sooner than later.  Cheers!

Are you on Facebook or Instagram?  If so let's follow each other.


  1. Hey there, I'm at Singature Style on FB. Will like your page now.

  2. I commend you for your use of social media. For me it became too overwhelming. I did away with all (except for Pinterest) and I decided to focus more on the content in my blog.


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