Monday, July 1, 2013

I Wanna Wear: Suit and Tie

It's so easy to spot out the kind of folks who are deeply passionate about what they do. They are usually the ones who couldn't imagine themselves doing anything else, to them there is no such thing as work only a love for their passion and they are always moving in the direction towards growth. Melissa Blemur (Run to her site now) is just one of those people.  She is a photographer by trade but I'd like to call her one who documents all things beautiful. With her years of expertise and genius eye she is able to capture people, places and things in ways that are both effortless and unique.  About a month ago Melissa asked me if I would act as her model for the day.  She had been stung by the inspiration bug after seeing a Janelle Monae video and wanted to recreate the look and feel through photos.  Of course I said yes and this is what happened.

 Photos by: Melissa Blemur


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