Monday, August 8, 2016

I Wanna Shop Goodwill

When I tell most people that I love to thrift it usually leads to tons of questions.  Questions like why thrifting? Or isn't that just shopping for old clothes? And you know what... I get it.  I get it because thrifting isn't the most normal shopping experience. But that doesn't mean that thrifting can't be a great shopping experience. There are some thrift stores that make thrifting easier than you think.  Take the Goodwill for example. The Goodwill is one of my favorite places to thrift shop.  They offer a great variety and their store organization makes thrifting a breeze.  I recently had a chance to interview Lauren Lawson-Zilai, Director of Public Relations at Goodwill and she shared some amazing tips on why you too should give thrifiting a go at the Goodwill 

New and Old:
A clothing rack filled with old granny dresses and mumus is usually what comes to mind when most people think of thrifting.  While it has a slight ring of truth, it's not necessarily the truth for Goodwill stores. The Goodwill accepts millions of donations from the public that not only include used pieces but brand new ones as well. In fact there is a good chance that you'll find new items with the tags still attached while browsing the racks of Goodwill.

Organization, or should I say a lack of organization can make or break your shopping experience. It's one of the biggest reasons why some people opt not to thrift. I've been to a handful of thrift stores where the layout was really confusing and hard to find things.  Goodwill cuts down on the confusion by breaking clothing  into sections.Items for ,men, women and children are broken into their own sections and then further broken down by item (ex: tops, bottoms, dresses and coats). You can also find some clothing seperated by color.  So if you are looking to wear a white top, you can very easily browse the white shirt section.

Looking for an opportunity to shop and be charitable? Well it's possible when you shop with the Goodwill.  Each and every time you donate or shop at Goodwill stores, you are helping someone find a job and build their careers.  Goodwill's revenues from sales go to fund job placement and training programs to help people find employment. They also offer services such as financial education,mentoring and transportation.

Wide Variety:
Think you can only find clothing at the Goodwill? Think again. Goodwill offers a variety of items from small household appliances, toasters, plates, glasses and artwork.  Some Goodwill stores even carry furniture. If  you are shopping for more specialized items head over to, an internet auction site that has more unique finds.

Major Deals:
Looking for a good deal? Goodwill is the perfect place. It may vary from store to store but Goodwill offers senior and student discounts, discounts for items that have tags that are a certain color (ex: red-tagged items may be 10 percent off). And get ready for it, some Goodwill stores allow you to buy clothing by the pound.

Interested in learning more about Goodwill? Head over to their website here.


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