Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Brooklyn Boys

This post is dedicated to my Brooklyn Boys Mark, Jeremiah and Isaac aka my brothers.  Yes they are my blood brothers. Te he.  These cutie patooties have done me more than one solid and acted as my photographers for my outfit posts.  If you blog you understand the fustration of finding a willing participant to capture your photos.  Lord knows taking pics using the cameras self timer can be something like the devil.  Anyhoo, I just want to thank these kind fellas for helping out there big sis. Kiya loves you.





  1. How nice of your brothers to take your pictures because it can be a chore on your own. And you have three brothers so someone should always be available… you’re a lucky girl! :)

  2. Awe such sweet brothers! They are very handsome young men with great style! I bet they are very protective of you as brothers should be. Kiah

  3. How cute are they! and that's so sweet that they help their sis. I know what you mean about the self timer. lol.

  4. Fierce boys!

    XO Charlotte

  5. Girl invest in a tripod and a camera that has a timer that you can customize! I don't have a photographer for my blog, so I rely on my tripod to help me take my outfit photos. I got it on ebay for pretty cheap!! Cute brothers btw ;).

    Cherrie <3

    P.S. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!

  6. After all these years of listening to you talk about them, I finally know what they look like. They are cute and displaying some serious Brooklyn swage.


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