Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Black Leather Jacket Project

Last Friday, I bolted out of my apartment like an olympic sprinter and made my way to the Columbus Circle train station as fast as I could.  I was in a mad dash as I was running late for the lovely Antaya McKenzie’s first fashion show, The Black Leather Jacket Project.  The twenty something Brooklyn born fashion fanatic, who also happens to be my cousin, has been talking about her debut spring preview of young upcoming designers for almost eternity.  “I cannot be late”, I whispered to myself as I boarded the A train.  Thirty minutes and one panhandler later I somehow make it to the rooftop venue right in the nick of time.  Before heading to my seat I ventured over to the bar area to devour the most delicious mini cupcakes that ever existed (Not kidding.  I think I inhaled about five of those bad boys.) and then downed a glass of moscato.  Ok now it's Showtime!

The show opens with designer,  Denise Gray.  Gray showcased a collection that was feminine yet edgy filled with blazers and bold printed bottoms.  The line combined practicality with a fresh look for the everyday woman looking to stay comfortable and fabulous.   Next up was  Chris Willis of Smiles Tees, a collection of t-shirts, tanks and sweatshirts.  Willis designs are not your average basics as he brilliantly combines art with touches of fashion.  Up next was  Kathy Rosa.  Rosa’s collection is fused with muted tones and textured pieces.  It left me feeling  very romantic.  Last to hit the runway was Ashley Padmore.  There was definitely something for every lady in this collection.  Leather, flared trousers, full skirts and bold prints were all present here. Padmore collection gave off sexiness with class. 

Amongst the crowd taking in all this new raw talent were shade and accessories designers twins Coco & Breezy, Rae Holiday of Stuff Fly People Like and Hia York of New Taste Magazine.  I was of course super proud of  McKenzie for pulling off such an amazing show but I also couldn't help but to feel inspired.  I walked away from this experience taking a very important life lesson with me.  No matter how big or small your dreams are get out there and just do it.   Mistakes will be made but that kiddos is life.   Embrace life and live out your dreams to the fullest.  As for McKenzie she's continuing her love affair with fashion and plans on doing a show for next year.  Meanwhile you can follow her and her antics on twitter at @antaya_joyce.  


Chris Willis:  Blog / Facebook / Twitter

Coco & Breezy:  Website / Blog / Twitter

Rae Holiday:   Blog / Twitter

Hia York:   BlogTwitter

*Sorry for not getting pics.  I know what kind blogger am I? My camera is the devil and is the worst with motion shots.


  1. Seems like such a FAB event and your words are SO TRUE!!!! ~As in NIKE motto: JUST DO IT!!!!

  2. love the jacket!

    been looking through your blog for ages lavs it!

  3. Sounds like it was fun! Congrats to your cousin!

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