Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Zombie Collection

Hot off the beauty presses.  Ricky's NYC and Mattese Elite present their brand spanking new nail polish line, The Zombie Collection.  The collection of six muted colors debuted in  stores this week.  Although I am a vibrant hue kind of girl I was surprised at how these pale tones stood strong on their own.  During a quick visit to Ricky's  I sampled the colors and I have to say Dead Punk Rocker, Decaying Green and Living Dead are my picks for this line.  But if you like you can take a closer look for yourself by visiting the  Ricky's website.

The Mattese Elite Zombie Collection includes:
-UNDEAD PINK, a light pink with a subtle purple iridescence.
-DEAD PUNK ROCKER, a shiny gunmetal packed with shimmer.
-DECAYING GREEN, a slightly decomposed olive green. 
-LIVING DEAD, a perfect ghoulish green.
-ZOMBIE SURVIVAL, a fleshy, sheer pink.
-WALKING DEAD, a shiny, pale pearl.
Left to Right: Decaying Green,  Dead Punk Rocker,  Living Dead


  1. The NAME of the colors has so much originality & the "Dead Punk Rocker" is a super chic color for the FALL!




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