Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Texture on the Runway

There was a hair party going on last Saturday at City Winery .  I joined in on this shindig to celebrate  the variety of textured tresses with other curly, wavy, coily and kinky head divas at Naturally Curly's Texture on the Runway event.  Texture on the Runway was created to showcase the variety of curly hair and to promote a conversation surrounding the absence of curly girls on the runway.   In attendance for this one of a kind event was Youtube sensation Taren, Actress and Comedian Kim Coles, Blogger Afro Bella and Blogger Christina of Love Brown Sugar.  The ladies were also joined by hair professionals Nick Arrojo of Arrojo Salon, Dickey of Hair Rules and Dr Hair of Curls Unleashed. The event featured a hair show and a synopsis from each brand about their product line and their commitment to curly hair. Go inside to see the hair party.

Curls Products

Arrojo Products

Curls Unleashed Products

Hair Rules Products

Nick Arrojo

 Dickey of Hair Rules

Taren  of Taren916 

Actress and Comedian Kim Coles

And if your wondering, I'm not sure why I'm  cheesing like that either. LOL

Toni Belafonte, Model & Founder of Copetv

Christina of Love Brown Sugar

Hair Models

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