Monday, February 13, 2012

The Voice

I had been standing on the coat check line when the whispers first started.  The whispers quickly turned to concerned chatter.  By the time the news reached me I instantly brushed it off as the latest social media rumor mill that had gotten out of control. But soon folks were all a buzz that the news was indeed true and was being confirmed by credible news sources. I was stunned.  Musical legend and icon, Whitney Houston was dead. 

 Off course I didn’t know Whitney Houston personally but I knew her voice .  Like most of my peers Whitney’s music leapt into my lap and heart at a very young age.  From the very beginning I was impressed with her undeniable talent and  beauty and considered her to be the voice of my generation.  Her “it” factor had little girls  and boys wanting to be her and the  pop charts falling in love with her.  

I share so many memories with the small lady with the big voice. I remember “The Greatest Love of all” being the selected song of  ceremony at every graduation  I attended.   I remember blasting “ I wanna dance with somebody” in my college dorm room thirteen years after its debut. I remember listening  to “ I will always Love you” over a billion times. And I remember being moved to tears as she performed the “The Star Spangled Banner”.  

 While I can agree that her life was not squeaky clean and was often tainted with scandal, I still rooted for her. Like any true fan I was in her corner because Whitney was more than just a singer.  She was a strong force in this industry that paved a trail for other artists to follow.  Without her I don’t know if music would be the same.  Our favorite songbird has been silenced but she will never be forgotten.  Well always love you Whitney.


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