Thursday, November 12, 2015

I Wanna Remix My Midi Skirt

I’m all for making the most out of my wardrobe.  In fact just recently I took my Gap Midi Skirt (You remember, the skirt that I wore at the Essence Street Style Block Party. If not refresh your memory here.) and transitioned it into a snazzy fall look. There are so many items in our own closet that we can remix  or transition from one  season to the next by simply adding and replacing key pieces.  Not only is it fun recreating different looks but it also helps saves us from overspending. A total win, right?  Here are some really simple ways you can transition some of your clothing into fall.

Layer It On:
Fall is absolutely a perfect time to incorporate layering. The dropping temps haven’t quite hit bubble coat weather but it’s still a chill in the air that will require maybe a light sweater topped with a light jacket. In my case I used a turtle neck and a trench coat.

Add Boots:
Nothing says Fall like putting away your sandals and replacing them with a sexy boot.  It’s an automatic indicator that we have left summer behind and are heading into cooler temps and longer nights. Try falling into fall with a cute bootie or a over the knee boot.

Get Vampy:
Vampy lips (think dark maroons and deep purples)  have always been a popular choice for me any time of the year but Vampy Lips are just the accessory (yes I think it's accessory) you need to kick off your fall looks.

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