Monday, April 25, 2016

I Wanna Watch Lemonade

By a show of hands how many of you watched Beyoncé's visual album 'Lemonade' debut this past weekend? *immediately raises my hand* I’m going to hope that your hands are raised too because duhh its Beyoncé and two, if not that would mean you missed out on Bey making the world bow down to her once again. I was here for every second of Bey in Lemonade.  Especially since she served us a different kind of Bey. The kind of Bey that seemed to bare her soul to the world. The kind of Bey that gave us lyrics like ‘He better call Becky with the good hair’ (that was actually pretty mild compared to the other lyrics) and the kind of Bey that seemed more vulnerable with this project. Yeah, it was insane.  What was also insane were the stunning visuals.  Every single scene from Lemonade was breathtaking and was a complete work of art. Here are just a few photos from the visual album that left my mouth gaped open.

Photo Credit: Parkwood Entertainment/ TIDAL's Beyonce Page

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