Sunday, May 8, 2016

I Wanna Thank My Mama

I’m not exactly sure how old I was. I just know that I was very young and that it was my birthday. It was also around the time when my family struggled financially so I don’t think I really expected much on my special day.  The details are a bit fuzzy but what I recall is my Mom and I going somewhere. She didn’t really hint as to where we were headed so it was a bit confusing. We finally ended up at a Woolworth (So aging myself with that one lol). We walk into the store and quickly headed towards the back where there was a photo booth. Nothing fancy just a regular photo booth. My mom and I climb in and took about three or four photos together. As we finished up I hear her say Happy Birthday.  In that brief moment I felt special and overwhelmed with joy.  I wanted to express to her how thankful I was to have a mother like her. One who did her absolute best to provide even when it was difficult. As we celebrate Mother’s Day I am reminded of all of the sacrifices my mom has made. She along with all the other strong women in my life are to be celebrated and honored for all they do. Thank you Mom! Thank you for your patience, unconditional love and always being my biggest cheerleader. I love you!

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